What I’m producing


All Souls: A Web Series

Morgan Thomas, the Rector of All Souls Episcopal Church, has a strong reputation. But for quite some time he’s been slowly coming to grips with one terrible secret that makes him an absolute fraud: he no longer believes in God.

In the pilot season of of this dark new series—six episodes at 6-7 minutes each—Morgan begins to unravel under the intense pressure of living an outright, public lie.


The Casualty Process: Violet Machine

The Casualty Process is an Iranian electronic band. Their music is filled with aggressive noises, meaty bass and guitars, and industrial beats with electro and rock influences.


And, Apart

“Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

-Anne Roiphe

This immersive transmedia film project evolves with viewer interaction, navigating the complex relationships we have with loss - of objects, of people, of place, of self, of stability, of love - and our equally varied coping mechanisms. Featuring the stark beauty of the Pacific Northwest, an entirely original score, and sometimes wrapping painful truth in comedic relief, And, Apart forges a whole and complex universe.